Apply “2020” to your item with cricut joy via htv – JANDJPACKAGINGvinyl

Apply “2020” to your item with cricut joy via htv

Here comes the end of July. The first month of the second half of 2020 is about to end. Time really flies. We often aware of its value after we have wasted a long time. Don’t do that again! Make something interesting of craft htv with us to shine your summer in 2020.

2020 means a lot to me. It’s my first year to leave school and start to work. I feel very delighted to let craft be a part of my working life, as I fell in love with handcrafting at my high-school age. 2020 is a tough time for many people. Covid-19 changes our life. Without going outside to have fun, our life with our families at home seem to be better than before. I found the man like the hero in Hemingway’s novels, also realized the fragility of human life: thousands of lives has gone away over 1 night. 2020 is really like a complex maze for me. Though it’s very hard, I will find the right way to get the destination. Crafting is my way. So this time I wanna share this cute pattern with you guys, hoping you enjoy it!

My project tutorial

Preparation: 5 htv vinyl rolls( htv vinyl sheets), cricut and other crafting tools. Also you can prepare some glitter htv if you like sparkle items. I prepare a bag to be ironed on. It’s your freedom to choose what to iron on.

First, update the pic to cricut, get everything ready. Remember to set mirror. I didn’t do it at the first time. After cutting then I have to do it again.

Then cut a piece of htv vinyl rolls or htv vinyl sheets. What I use is cricut joy, so I just need a small piece. Attention: choose the color that the app shows. Don’t mix them. Then tap go.

After cutting, here comes weeding. Our vinyl is really easy-weeding. I can handle it with one hand.

When you finish all cutting and weeding, we come to the iron step. Different fabric requires different iron time and temperature. Check our instruction to get more details.


Then iron the other sheets following the pattern. And weed the transfer sheet. Remember not to weed once but one by one.

Then I got it~

You can make whatever you like with this 2020. Hope we can get better and better in 2020~

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