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Parent-child outfits by Jandjpackaging htv vinyl roll

Summer is the best time for family to have a vocation together. No matter you go to the beach or climb the mountain or just go shopping, it must be very charming if you wear parent-child outfits. But sometimes parent-child outfits are too dull or too plain. How can we get an adorable outfits?

Of course for craft makers the answer is making them by ourselves!

Here I am gonna give you some advice! Let’s craft htv outfits together!

Here are the patterns I used first:

Prepare some htv vinyl sheets of navy blue, orange, emerald green and green, ( I used the color I like. You can also choose the color you like) as well as some t-shirts.

Cut them into suitable size. Use cricut to cricut htv. Then weed the extra vinyl.

Be careful when weeding. Don’t weed the wrong part! ( I made such mistake once TAT)

Next put this pattern that you finish weeding on your t-shirt. I chose the back. I think it works out better than the front side. Heat it with an iron. It’s okay if you use a heat press. I don’t prefer it.


Then weed the tape on the top. It’s very hot at the beginning. So don’t get hurt by it. Don’t weed it too fast to avoid destroying the pattern. I almost did it TAT.

Now finish them one by one! All you need to do now is have your family tried them out and take a walk first together. I used regular htv vinyl rolls, but you can also use glitter htv instead.  

I only made 3 t-shirts. The alligator pattern is for you in case you need. See you next time.

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