Welcom to the craft journey of JANDJPACKAGING!


The following is our journey guide:

The first step is Cutter Settings. We tested the cutting settings of JANDJPACKAGING HTV Vinyl,here is what we tested.

Cricut: Blade: Standard  Setting: Iron on
Silhouette Cameo: Blade :1  Speed :5  Force :8  Passes :2

If you use the Silhouette Cameo, when using the Fill, pay attention to changing the setting if you need.

According to different materials you choose, the temperature and time of ironing are different.
Do not choose materials that deform at high temperatures for ironing.
1. 100% cotton T-shirt: Temperature - 300F, Time - 10s.
2. Wooden board: Temperature - 248F, Time - 8s.
3. Canvas: Temperature - 300F, Time - 6s, Press again 6s after 15s.

If you have any questions Please contact us at

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