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How to use printable vinyl with Silhouette Cameo

When it comes to multi-color and complex designs, layering vinyl isn't always ideal and neither is sublimation which can get pricey.That's why you choose Printable Vinyl.

Here's how you use this JANDJPACKAGING Printable Vinyl with your Silhouette CAMEO.

The first thing you want to do is open up your design in Silhouette Studio.


Set up work area for a print and cut by adding the registration marks and turning on the cut lines. When it was time to print, print on the printable vinyl.



Now place the printed sheet onto your Silhouette cutting mat and prepare to cut.

In Silhouette Studio, I found the best Silhouette cut settings for printable vinyl with laminate to be:

Send the design to cut by clicking "Send to Silhouette" in Silhouette Studio. The machine will first look for the registration marks and then begin cutting.

Once it's finished cutting, unload the mat and material and place your decals. You can pick up the decals like stickers if you'd like, or weed them like any other vinyl design and use a sheet of transfer tape to move the decals.

Clear laminate cover sheets can protect the printed vinyl keeping it from fading, bleeding and scratching.

If you want Printable Vinyl to be more durable,before you cut with your Silhouette cutting machine, you could cover the printed designs with a piece of the clear vinyl laminate.

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