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What Is Printable Vinyl And What Is Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl(Printable HTV)?

When you want to buy printable vinyl, you will find that there are many kinds of printable vinyl, and you will be a little confused.
The following will let you know the difference between the different types of printable vinyl and how it works.

What Is Printable Vinyl?

Printable vinyl is a permanent craft vinyl that you can print on using your home printer ( regular inkjet printer).

According to the surface, it is divided into Matte Printable Vinyl and Glossy Printable Vinyl.

And printable vinyl works like any other kind of vinyl, so you can use it for car decals, mugs, tumblers, laptops, and more!


Sounds like Sticker paper?It is not a sticker paper, but the usage is the same as sticker paper, and the range of use is wider.


Printable vinyl is waterproof, so you can use it for car, mugs.Stickers are used for things like binders and notebooks.Stickers are not waterproof.
If you are looking for Printable Vinyl , JANDJPACKAGING Printable Vinyl Sheets are perfect for your Cricut or Silhouette.

What About Printable HTV Or Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Typically, there are two kinds of printable HTV, one kind to apply to light colors, and another to apply for dark colors.

Printable heat transfer vinyl is used the same way as regular HTV but at a higher temperature and pressure. Normally, HTV requires a temperature of 305F or 320F. Printable HTV will require a higher temperature and pressure.

For dark materials:
Press at 350 Degrees for 30 Seconds under MEDIUM pressure
For light materials:
Press at 375 Degrees for 30 Seconds under HIGH pressure (heat press highly recommended)
Because of the higher temperatures, it’s highly recommended that you use a heat press and not an iron. Most irons don’t have even heat distribution, are small, and aren’t hot enough.

The Cricut EasyPress 2 can work with enough pressure, as it does have even temperature and can heat up to 400 degrees.

How Do You Wash Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl?

With any iron-on transfers, you want designs to stay intact wash after wash. The best way to wash your iron-on to make them the longest is:

Wash inside out
Use cold water
Tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry

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