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10 Best Heat Transfer Vinyls (HTV Vinyl) in 2020

The best htv vinyl means made from high-quality material, and easily, and reliably transfer onto your project. The most important thing is that the transfer will not be lost after a couple of washes.

It all seems the same, and comes in a variety of colors. If you judge the quality by price, it is wrong. A higher price doesn’t always mean better quality either. It’s hard to know which is the best one for your needs.
I’ve done the research for you to find the 10 best heat transfer vinyls for sale today.



The JandJPackaging heat transfer vinyl bundle is our pick for the best craft vinyl. It comes in 25 Pack assorted colors which works well with most projects.If you are a novice, you can easily get started.It’s priced very affordable, so you can try many projects without worrying about wasting money.

16 colors to choose from
12″ x 10″ HTV Vinyl sheets
Easy to weed and cut


2.SISER EASYWEED Heat Transfer Vinyl

Siser is probably the most well-known heat transfer vinyl manufacturer.
Their EasyWeed HTV is great because it applies at very low temperatures, so you won’t risk burning your project. It peels hot with zero cooldown time needed, leaving little residue behind.

11.8″ x 5′ rolls
Available in 50 different colors
Highly durable


3.FIREFLY CRAFT Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

This heat transfer vinyl bundle for Firefly Craft comes in 15 rolls of the most popular HTV colors which is engineered to be easy-to-use! I recommend this vinyl which work on a variety of fabrics, such as shirts, hats, boards, leather, bedding, mugs and thicker materials.

21 different bundle options
Easy weeding – it really stretches!
Great for all kinds of projects

4.HTVRONT Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

The heat transfer bundle from HTVRONT is a smaller cheap htv vinyl bundle which has 13 sheets. What’s great is that this vinyl is pretty sticky , adheres to the fabric seamlessly and has held up well in the wash. It’s great if you are looking to heat press only a few items at a time.

Comes with 13 12″ x 10″ iron-on sheets
Easily iron-on or heat press
Works with all vinyl cutters



5.unuaST Heat Transfer Vinyl

unuaST is an affordable heat transfer vinyl that works great with most materials – even thicker ones.The company guarantees that it will last even after 50 washes.It’s very easy to cut and doesn’t fade, peel, or crack with washes.

Comes in 12 colors
12″ x 10″ sheets
Washing machine safe & Use eco-friendly



6.YRYM HT HTV Iron on Vinyl

The YRYM HT Iron on Paper is thick and smooth with good cutting application characteristics.It’s also really easy to transfer onto any of your clothing.Your designs will keep the same color even after repeated washing cycles.

Comes with 26 12″ x 10″ iron-on sheets
Assorted Colors & Glitter HTV
SGS certified


7.ARTEZA Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets

The ARTEZA Heat Transfer Vinyl has 14 sheets of extremely vibrant colors. The vinyl sheets are compatible with any electronic craft-cutting machine, allowing you to cut, peel, and weed the HTV easily and apply your sheets smoothly without the worry of curling or tunneling.

12″ x 10″ sheets
Incredibly Durable HTV
CPSIA certified


8.CAREGY Heat Transfer Vinyl

Caregy is another reputable heat transfer vinyl manufacturer. Their heat transfer vinyl is great for shirts, but can also handle thicker materials. It has high elasticity, for repeated cleaning will maintain a higher quality , will not easily shed color, for the production of fine projects have more advantages.

21 colors
26 sheets
12″ x 10″


9.ImPRESSED Vinyl HTV Sheets

This heat transfer vinyl bundle for ImPRESSED Vinyl comes with a nice assortment of easy-to-use vinyl that’s already been cut into helpful square sheets.

10 12″ x 10″ iron-on sheets
4 color bundle options
SGS certified eco-friendly


10.VINYL FROG Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets

Vinyl Frog makes our funnest heat transfer vinyl sheets on our list. Unique chameleon gradient colors give an amazing impression of different colors when viewed at different angles. They help your heat press projects come to life.

Chameleon gradient change color
12″ x 12″ sheets
Thin, but strong and very durable

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