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Can HTV Vinyl safely be applied onto a face mask?

The COVID-19 pandemic may continue to intensify, but the craftsmen and decorators in our industry are becoming stronger and stronger. As the number of DIY masks entering the market has greatly increased, one of the most frequently asked questions by our customers is: "Can Craft HTV safely be applied onto a face mask?"

For most of our materials, our answer is a confident "yes."


The vast majority of JANDJPACKAGING products have passed CPSIA certification, which means that they are not only safe for children's clothing, but also will not release toxic chemicals. If you accidentally swallow small pieces, it will not cause personal injury.



However, even with the recommended products, we strongly recommend that crafters do not cover HTV Vinyl in the mouth or nose area because this may restrict airflow. We recommend restricting the design to the side or "cheek area" of any mask.


But rest assured, the vinyl itself is near your face, so there is no hidden danger.

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