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How to use Cricut to cut JANDJPACKAGING HTV Vinyl?

1.Open your Cricut Design space and select "New Project" in the upper right corner.

2.You will be taken to a blank canvas. Next, you will click Upload at the bottom of the toolbar on the left side of the screen, where you can upload the svg file you want to cut.

3.Go ahead and the image will be loaded onto your blank canvas, where you can adjust the size of the image to best suit the needs of the project you are working on.

4.I like that the technique used to cut craft htv is simple and fast. I picked up the green cricut pad and put an appropriate size vinyl on it.
When using a "soldering htv vinyl sheets", always make sure to place the vinyl shiny side down on the mat. It will be a thin plastic-like covering, which is the side you want to put face down on the mat.

5.Click the green make it button in the upper right corner of the cricut design.

6.Always make sure to perform any ironing on the project being executed to mirror the image.

7.Go ahead and click the green continue button in the bottom right corner of the cricut design.

8.Make sure that the material knob on the paper cutter is set to "ironing".

9.Install the fine-pointed blade into fixture B, and then load the mat into the machine by pressing the "load/unload" button on the cricut machine under the material setting knob. (It should blink)

10.Once the mat is loaded, you will press the "go" button on the machine, which will flash if you have completed the previous steps correctly. It is the "c" button next to the load/unload button.

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