About Us

We are JANDJPACKAGING, we love creation, art, handicraft.We are the HTV Vinyl brand with the fastest growing in recent years, and the product reviews are the best. 

We have accumulated a lot of users' reputation on Amazon and self-operated channels by providing the best HTV Vinyl sheet and HTV Vinyl roll.

Just like most craftsmen, we design beautiful decals, use different materials and make favorite crafts. This is our work and life. Like most people who work with us, we don’t want to waste time because of bad materials. We want to use the best HTV Vinyl to make perfect hand-made works.

For us, it is our mission to strive to innovate and provide the best materials . That’s why we have achieved rapid development and a good reputation.

And we make the Heat Transfer Vinyl affordable to DIY lovers with every budget.

Moreover, if you have any unsatisfactory with our products, please contact us and we will make it right. For any problems that need to be resolved quickly, give us the opportunity to listen, and we will perfect the products and services according to your needs.

Choosing us is not just a transaction, it's a communication between DIY lovers.


Company Address:37 rue des Mathurins, Paris, France