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Glitter HTV Vinyl/Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll 10"x50 ft_Green

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Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

How to Use:

  1. Create your design
  2. Cut with the gloss side facing DOWN and the duller back of the Glitter htv vinyl bundle facing up.
  3. Peel away the excess glitter vinyl, leaving your design on the carrier sheet.
  4. Apply the design to your T-shirt with a heat press at 305-320 for 10-15 seconds, if you use a home iron, press it with firm pressure
  5. Peel the carrier sheet cold, if areas of design lift after application, do step 4 again.


Do not use nylon, velvet, acrylic fabrics, leather, vinyl which will melt and ruin the material. Hand washes your fabric gently with mild detergent. Wait 24 hours after application to wash. Turn the article of clothing inside before you wash it. No bleach. We recommend you to perform a test prior.

Quickly and easily apply the glitter heat transfer vinyl to fabric using a hot iron or heat press; We recommend using on COTTON, POLYESTER, COTTON/POLYESTER BLENDS, LYCRA fabric for best performance. It works on normal fabric as well as MESH TYPE fabric. Just Iron-on, and voila, your own customized DIY project on T-shirts, hats, bags, team or club wear, garments, shoes, and other textiles, etc! Our heavy-duty glitter vinyl sheets will stretch with the natural movement of your fabric and withstand numerous washing. Glitter iron on vinyl will retain adhesiveness even after 50 or more washes.

NOTE: The actual color of glitter htv vinyl may vary slightly due to differences in monitor display.

Package included

1 X Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll 12"x50 ft

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